Short Stories

Jonathan and Emma : A Scorpion Story

Jonathan Gallo rekindles his summer romance

Terry and Jane : Flashover

A reitring fire captain meets an EMT who changes his perspective on everything.

Ranger and Karen both have more than their fair share of secrets.

Shining Star: An ER physician and his daughter struggle to make a new life when an unusual woman comes into their lives.

Confessions of the Cat Lady of Willow Grove : A non-fiction story of how a Dog person wound up with five cats.

What Do You See:  A detective finds more than she bargained for with a case of a  stolen diamond.

A Father's Quest : A worried father goes on a search for his kidnapped daughter.

William and Emily : A feisty nurse and a puppy named Cash change a man's life forever.

The Family You Make : Scorpion struggles to find a new normal as Ralph struggles to fit in.

Any Other Man : Sam is a man happy with his life when his world is turned upside down by his daughter's  best friend.

Breaking News :  A local news anchor with eyes on a network spot finds himself caught up in the murder investigation of a coed.

The Disappearance of Cabe Gallo: A Scorpion 2.0 Story  

Cabe Gallo has gone missing and it's up to the team and a new agent to find him.

Paul and Amy : Working late turns into the best Christmas of  life

One Step From Heaven : Billie has a sad homecoming. Harlan  tries to help her find a new begininning

Merry Christmas, Mr. Bennett : Richard Bennett, the ego-centric owner of department store chain, meets his match in the form of a ten-year-old girl.


Jonathan and Emma (pdf)


Terry and Jane Flashover (pdf)


What Do You See? (pdf)


Shining Star (pdf)


Confessions of the Cat Lady of Willow Grove (pdf)


A Father's Quest (pdf)


William and Emily (pdf)


Ranger and Karen (pdf)


The Family you make (pdf)


Any Other Man (pdf)


Breaking News (pdf)


The Disappearance of Cabe Gallo (pdf)


Paul and Amy (pdf)


One Step From Heaven (pdf)


Merry Christmas Mr. Bennett (pdf)