Susan Had a Rough Day : Susan had one nerve left and he got on it.

The Last Ride of Jimmy Flynn : Happy, Toby and the rest of the Scorpion Team meet Jimmy Flynn, a patient at the Amanda Gallo Pediatric Center

John and AJ :John Carson was used to working with the MP's from the nearby fort, but never one like her.

Sandy and Amy : Two lonely people find just what they're looking for in this gentle story

Jesse, Natalie and The Secret Avenger : Jesse Colburn moves into his late mother's suburban home and finds a lot more than he ever imagined

Colton and Kelly : Colton Jones never thought he would go home again.

Scorpion 2.0 : The Return :The Scorpion Team Reunites

Adam and Kathleen : A  psychiatrist with career burnout meets a breath of fresh air

Sly and Megan : Sylvester makes a dream come true

Zack and Annie : Zack Stewart takes a ride on his Harley and his life changes forever

The Journey : Cabe Gallo and his son Jonathan travel to Genoa , Italy to trace their family heritage and find what they never expected

Sonny and Carrie :Singing Star Sonny Talbot makes himself a very different kind of life

The Nashes: A New Decade :  Frank and  Marina  face their most difficult challenge

The Inconsistent Solution :A Scorpion 2.0 Story : The team faces an insurmountable problem.

Martin and Callie : Breaking Point : Martin "Hardass" Hardwick meets his match