Michael and Claire: When a hard nose Irish kid from the streets grows up to meet his equally hard nosed match.

Patrick Hammond: A computer genius finds the key he's been searching for.

Joshua and Helen: A small town lawyer meets a very unusual woman. 

Jake Sokolov and Michaela Turner : A Marine instructor finds himself in the unexpected role of knight in shining armor

Tom and Emma : A tattoo artist becomes a reluctant jean model

Vasily Sokolov and Katherine Davenport : A lawyer flies cross country for his brother's wedding and finds a reason to stay

John and Mari : A Christmas Story : A lonely English professor reconnects with a former student with a magical name.

Cabe Gallo and The Ghost : A Scorpion Love Story

The Honeymoon Phase:  Frank and Marnia start a new life

Cabe Gallo discovers a past he never knew

The Race: Never mess with an angry Mama, especially when she has a badge and a gun. A Scorpion Story

The Nashes : Marine Colonel and a Movie Star start a life together with twins

Adventures in Parenthood : Frank and Marina discover raising their children in the spotlight can be dangerous

Bill and Dani : A photographer's life is saved by a mountain woman with a secret

Frand Nash and Marina Sokolov : A Security Expert is called to help a fellow Marine's movie star sister