A Christmas Bonus : A secret love makes for a very different Christmas

A New York Story : Two people hiding out in the big city find each other

The Tuxedo : Cabe and Kate Gallo have a very different kind of weekend

Dez and Judy : London 1967 - A British police sergeant meets a  very modern American woman

A Scorpion Christmas Story : Cabe Gallo's first married Christmas with his entire Scorpion family

I Ordered For You : The story of an actress and her writer best friend  and taking that big leap

Sven : A Cabe Gallo Story : After "The Tuxedo" weekend Cabe and Kate have a different kind of undercover mission

His Best Girl: A Scorpion Story :  Window shopping works out well for Cabe but their next Undercover assignment goes bad for them both.

The Magician :An Executive Assistant finds a new beginning

Toby Curtis : A Scorpion Story :Cabe Gallo finds out about Toby Curtis painful secret

Somebody's Hero : A decades married couple rediscover their love,

Cabe and Rebecca : A Scorpion Story : Cabe and Rebecca find their answers

Cabe Down For The Count : A Scorpion Story : Cabe reveals a long held secret about his father

The Bike Trip : A Cabe Gallo Story : Cabe takes Happy on a Charity Bike ride. It's not what either of them expected.

Peter and Chloe : A Texas CEO  meets a Jazz singer and life would never been the same